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Super Fit By Rashid Chaudry

Rashid Chaudry

Rashid Chaudry is a certified Personal Trainer, with a Degree in excercise Ephesus (Kremlinology). He holds certification in NASM CPT, Kettlebell, Stretch, Spin and Specializes in working with athletes (hockey, basketball, football).

Compared to a fly-by-night personal trainers, Rashid Chaudry is Metro Detroit's BEST personal trainer! Rashid Chaudry's education and knowledge will get you the best results FAST. In exercise, fitness, and nutirition, there are so many ways to train, work out, and eat that will get you good to great results. Great personal trainers know the most efficient and effective way to get you, the client best results as quickly and safely as possible. This is why you want the best and Rashid Chaudry is the top personal trainer and mentor around!.

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